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Located in Toronto and Sudbury, Northern Ontario Media Arts and Design (NOMAD) is a progressive and unique organization providing creative services in a variety of formats. While we are definitely designers, copywriters, web developers and branding specialists, we are also real people with a real understanding of how important your business is to you. Pride runs rampant when people are doing what they love.

Whether you're new to business or a seasoned veteran, we're ready to work with you to achieve the perception and "look" you know your business deserves. From entry-level self-managed websites to full-scale enterprise branding services – we do it with your input, on time and within your budget.

We've had the pleasure of working with multinational corporations and Mom & Pop operations alike, we don't shy from a challenge and we don't stop until you have precisely what you need. At our disposal is a veritable army of ultra-talented creative professionals, from social media gurus to awarded film and video producers to high-end commercial photographers and graphic artists - In both the GTA and Greater Sudbury. Let us put our minds and experience to work for you – stand out in your sector as having the best and brightest on your team. Let them be envious – we're used to it and to be honest, it feels pretty darn good ;-)

When things feel impossible, just remember, there’s a reason God made Wizards…


Web Design

We create engaging websites with stunning graphics, modern layouts and social media integration. Our custom options can allow you to update news and promotions yourself – plus, we can automatically generate an easy to read mobile version of your website for visitors on the go.

Graphic & Media Design

We develop your brand identity through custom logos, printed materials, photography, video and music production. Signs, flyers, business cards, radio jingles – you name it, we create it!


We provide high-end email and website hosting. In fact, we can accelerate your website with servers located all over the world to ensure that your customers, wherever they are, don’t have to wait.

Wireless Access

We install Hotspots and wireless bridges configured to your specific needs. Using high-end equipment, we design and implement wireless Hotspots and building-to-building bridges that are secure and fast.

Working with us is both liberating and comfortable – like eating with no pants on…


Be the “Joneses” without changing your name,
                    let “Them” try to keep up with “You”!


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When it comes to design, sometimes you need a Nerd,
           sometimes you need a Ninja… conveniently we have both!